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I'm glad to say that the Pusher is doing quite well. I think they may be working on another site, but I could be wrong. I probably oughta give one o' those boys a call.
My name is Melissa, and I'm the original bassplayer and a founding member of Sinpusher. I'm now playing with the Tombstones, originally out of Atlanta GA, but now residing in Austin, TX. But since you came here looking for Sinpusher, I'll just put the link for the tombstones site & you can check it out if you want... or-

In the meantime, I'll keep this site up & running as a supplement to the myspace site. I'll put up some of the songs here for now, the same ones that are on the myspace site, w/links & news. If you have any pics, videos, etc etc, feel free to contact me @

I played on the songs that are up now on the myspace site, and when they record more w/ the new bassist Mike Lagrow, I'll put those up. In the approximately 5 years I was with the band, we wrote probably about 15 to 20 songs together, but have only recorded 6. Which bums me out; playing all those songs for all those years & not having them as a studio recording. I do have one live recording, but would like some more recent recordings with Billy Hite on the vocals. I've heard recent news that Will Kehoe has quit the line up, but Chris is still playing, a recent new addition that made the band temporarily a 3 guitar wall of rock. Well, I'll stop rambling for now, but KEEP CHECKIN BACK for updates, or email me to get on a list. Thanks, Killene, (formerly...actually still known also as Melissa Riggall-Bex

Anyone w/pics of the band that would like to share them for this site or the myspace site, please & thank you! email them to the addys listed below.

Our De`Butt show
really cool flyer from our 1st show. gotta see


Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: